Leon Totalny – Leon Total text on Krzysztof Leon Dziemaszkiewicz performance in Four Domes Pavillion, Wrocław, PL.

Leon Totalny, fot. R.Sochacki

Mameere – text for RTV Magazine on mothering / caring perspectives and practices. The online magazine is issued by Arsenal – Centre for Contemporary Art in Poznan, PL.

desk of a mom, pic.W.Morawiec

My text was accompanied with a video performance of Anna Steller:

Mythopoeia – Qianlin Wang x noks collective: o zbieractwie nowych mitologii

Clay cookies for utopian Peach Blossom deity, June 2022

Eluding Outlooks. A few reflections on Patrycja Orzechowska’s „ZEITGEIST MMXXI Calendar for the New Old Times” text published on BLOK magazine /an online, English-language contemporary art journal that focuses on the region that is known as Central and Eastern Europe.

print screen from the BLOK article

Inne Rytmy curatorial texts – on the exhibition in Sopot and on the project in general (in Polish)

first draft of INNE RYTMY poster, W.Morawiec

The Sole Adventurer: Trapped in a Pandemic Storm: Review of Bob-Nosa Uwagboe’s Double Exhibition in Poland | By Weronika Morawiec

Bob Nosa Uwagboe painting

The Sole Adventurer (TSA Art Magazine) publishes online and in special print publications about contemporary art from Africa. Initially focused on Nigeria, the editorial interests now include other African countries, their linked diaspora locations and where the news is exciting and relevant to our growing audience.

Contemporary Lynx: Souvenirs From Now. Visitng Malek Gnaoui’s exhibition from quarantine | by Weronika Morawiec

Polish version: Pamiątki z teraz. Wystawa Malka Gnaoui Essaida-Carthage

Contemporary Lynx is an arts organisation launched in January 2013 was created as a platform to encourage an appreciation and understanding of Polish contemporary art by a wide audience. Since then, our organisation has grown and evolved. Today, our core activity is publishing two art magazines: Contemporary Lynx Weekly – an online magazine and Contemporary Lynx Magazine in Print with a curated content on the latest trends in the international visual arts, design, photography and collecting.

Atman – próba tekstu o performansie w klubie Ziemia

EU-Japan Fest: A rhythm that creates (a new) rhythm. Two part report on INNE Rytmy: nonviolent revolutions, written by Yuki Nishimura (JPN) and Weronika Morawiec (PL) The text is also availible in Japanese (link)

EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee was formed with the support of prominent members of the business community and EU member country ambassadors to Japan. The objectives are to support the transnational activities of community members and artists involved in service of regional communities and social responsibility and to contribute to the development of healthy societies.

Listy z domu do domu. Polsko-holenderskie notatki z pandemii.

Video art: Julia Sokolnicka

Letters in Polish written during the March-April-May of 2020 between Wera Morawiec and artist Julia Sokolnicka. Published in “Pomiędzy” issued by Goyki 3 Art Inkubator:

ART INKUBATOR is a new cultural institution run by Sopot local government. Its goal is to conduct activities aimed at creating and disseminating culture, promoting cultural education, and supporting creative communities. ART INKUBATOR will be involved in building a network of domestic and foreign stakeholders, and organising art residencies and creative work programmes. art inkubator will also be involved in documenting cultural life and promoting the cultural and historical heritage of Sopot.

Krótki jak niedopałek tekst o “O czynach niszczących opowieści” i spotkaniu w Komunie Warszawa