noks is 0,001 of a luks (lux luminous emittance unit)

we aim to create a bond between each human and non-human element of our projects. with emotional interaction between them (artist/viewer/artwork/ space context/us and collaborators) a wholesome experience is made; ready to shift the mindset and open new perspectives.

within our small ecosystem we chose light as a baseline for our artistic, curatorial and educational activities. Light as an artwork material and as a metaphorical tool that shapes the world around us and integrates physical and emotional components of human perception.

our working field is inter- and cross disciplinary, we cooperate internationally with different institutions, art galleries and various artists. we want to create a common space for everyone to participate, to get inspired form the everyday life and ordinary places in order to talk about relevant socio-cultural topics.

lightart | workshop | interactive | experience | art in public space democratic art | sensitivity | dialogue | community junction of arts