Robert Sochack PhD presents a range of online talks prepared during 2020/2021 semester. He is a lecturer at E.Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw, where he teaches at Stage Design Department and Media Art Department, leading workshops and projects concentrated around the light based media.

Each talk – symposium – is accompanied with some additional visual materials and texts. Sochacki invited fellow artists, researchers and activists to participate; creating an opportunity to learn, review and broaden perspectives on current topics. Talks were recorded and translated (to Polish Sign Language and to English).

Irena Piecha invites in Polish sign language

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Poster design: Ksawery Kirklewski

O przekraczaniu granic w wypowiedzi publicznej „WYP*******Ć”

Poster design: Jarek Bujny

online but live: artistic lectures by dr Sochacki

Poster design: Joanna Czaplewska / Goyki 3 Art Inkubator

Wera Morawiec for Death Of The Patriarchy Symposium at Gdansk Academy of Fine Arts

poster design: prof. Jacek Staniszewski