intervention in space – temporary group exhibition in Tunis 19-21.09.2019

This group exhibition concentrates around the subject of what makes the space ours: how our personal experiences and memories juxtaposed with public space can become a comment on the current condition of the society.

With the help of artworks from international artists we wanted to reflect on our residency in Tunis. During our stay we started to notice some parallel threads in what we experienced, what we’ve learned about the city history and what we saw in the artworks collected in the project ON Public Gallery. We have also included the voices of the artist we’ve met here, that either live or reside in Tunis.

From the North-African position we have looked at our homeland: Europe and Poland in particular. It was easy to notice all these political and sociological mechanisms that are repetitive, and are returning to our lives now: growing nationalism, loss of european free-spirited identity, populism, fear and hatred serving as political system maintenance and used by media to divide society.

Sightlines: an intervention in the given space: 3 days, with an opening evening on Thursday 19th of September and a closing day on Saturday 21st. We wanted to make the exhibition as open and developing as was our stay in Tunisia and so we treated it as a spontaneous process and a temporary platform. To present contemporary artworks and to talk about them, to create a space for intelectual and emotional exchange: that practice was/is crucial for us and it comes with powerful energy of meeting different perspectives.

With that small step we we would like to start creating a community of artists and cultural activists that are interested in new ways of capturing and understanding human condition.

Full line up of sightlines 19-21.09.2019:

Europe, audio installation – Łukasz Horbow /PL + Rodina, audio-visual projection – Nadhezda Titova /RU + Projection installation – ZouzS /TN + Behind Bars, collages – Ymen Berhouma /TN + The Field, audio-visual projection- Irfan Brković /BiH USA + Even The Sun Has Rumors, sound documentary – Ali Tnani /TN + Laps, video projection- Olivier Sévère /FR + Untitled: etude for plastic bottles, interactive projection- Robert Sochacki /PL + Floor Covering, from: A Myth of Small Town serie, installation – Maciej Cholewa /PL + Grotesika 2, sculptures – Mohammed Ghassan /IRQ TN + Les projections video de ON Public Gallery: I went to Crimea and all I got was this alien message – Zuza Banasinska /PL + Encounters – Dorota Palka, Justyna Wisniowska /PL + Skellow – Patrick K.-H., bestbefore /AT, DE + live performance Wadi Mhiri /TN

sightlines was made possible thanks to Central Tunis

photographs: Kais Ben Farhat /TN (unless credited differently)