workshop with a showcase at the Medina of Tunis.

We opened the workshop for all – young artists, designers, students. During the six days we worked with participants on developping their original idea and installing them in a given space (a historical Dar – original house of medina).

The aim was to create a wholesome experience, including creating, installing, describing and exhibiting an artwork. We provided guidance, critical reviews and collective discussions that were crucial for creative, synergetic process of group work.

Intensive and packed with practical and theoretical tips workshop resulted with four artworks. During the showcase exhibition audience could see four coherent works using different media and objects; for some public it was the first time they visited ‘an art gallery’ in the neighbourhood.

We were delighted to hear that one of our workshop participants – Mohamed Gharbi – were after the showcase invited to International Media Art Project SEE Djerba [tn].

We also decided to invite two other participants – Salma Mokni and Sabrina Hannafi – to be a part of our closing exhibition in Tunis Central gallery ‘sightlines‘.